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MITI Cushion Baby Tube (MT-14W11)

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  • MaterialPVC
  • Size62 * 67 * 0 mm
  • Weight350 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[Winnie Connie Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

MITI Cushion Baby Tube (MT-14W11)
620*670mm(24*26in.), 350g

MITI is an all-around athlete with excellent athletic ability including swimming. Therefore MITI plays a role of lifeguard to make summer safe and fun. MITI likes to play with his girlfriend “BITI” and wants to become everyone's friend.

This is NOT a lifesaving device. Never leave child unattended while in use.

    Never leave child unattended! Adult must be present at all times to prevent accidents.
  2. Do not over inflate!
    Over inflation can cause the device to break or can be easily punctured, especially by sharp or pointy object(S).
  3. Do NOT use high pressure air to inflate.
  4. Must NOT be used by babies that can't sit upright
  5. Some babies can tip over, adult supervision required
  6. Avoid contact with sharp or pointy objects(rocks, metal objects, plastic objects, pebbles, and sea shells)
  7. Baby must wear personal floatation device for safety
  8. After inflation, make sure there is no puncture holes or leaks(Check for bubbles from the device by submerging in water)
  9. Make sure child plays only in safe water levels.

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MITI Cushion Baby Tube -MT-14W11-