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MITI Spaceship Cushion Baby Tube(MT-14W31)

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MITI Spaceship Cushion Baby Tube (MT-14W31)
640*735mm (25*28 in.), 470g

1. Use a safety cap covering the hole. This safety cap prevents accidental air loss. When you blow air in through the valve, the safety flap opens automatically.
2. Check 24 hour water testing.
3. Winnie Connie products contain less phthalate plasticizer and harmful heavy metals than the standard amount for safety


>> How to inflate

  1. Lift cap from valve
  2. Blow air in through the valve
  3. Slightly wet the valve and cap with water and close the cap.

>> How to deflate

  1. Lift cap from valve
  2. Squeeze the valve as you squeeze the device ( Hint, you can keep the valve open by inserting a pen into the valve's safety flap.)
  3. Continuously squeeze the device until completely deflated.
  4. Clean the device from foreign substance(s). (sand, salt, etc.)

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MITI Spaceship Cushion Baby Tube-MT-14W31-

MITI Spaceship Cushion Baby Tube-MT-14W31-